Abbey's Girl Scout Gold Award Project



Team Blue Blaze: Teaming Up for Community Policing

Abbey is working to shed a heroic light on law enforcement and improve community perception of the service it provides. She created trading cards for officers to give out to kids and recorded a video about the importance of community policing and the relationship between police and citizens. Check out her project here. Thank you to the Madison Police Department in Madison, Alabama, for participating and to Melanie Kolowski Photography and Jerry Bryant at Zellus Marketing for taking the photos and recording video. Additional police departments are welcome to join Team Blue Blaze by creating their own cards. Abbey's template is available until December 2020!


Thank you for checking out my site! I am junior in high school and this is my 12th year to be a girl scout. I have enjoyed working on my Gold Award, the highest award achievable for girls. Through Girl Scouts, I have been able to participate in lots of fun things and it all led up to working on my Gold award. This project has been a great learning experience and has allowed me to address an issue that is important to me.