Team Blue Blaze

By Abbey Williams

Thank you for your interest in my Gold Award Project.

To shed a heroic light on law enforcement, I have created trading cards (like baseball cards) for police offers to give to kids. Research shows that perceptions of and attitudes toward law enforcement are influenced by interactions with police as a kid. I have created TEAM BLUE BLAZE, like an athletic team, for officers to join and be identified with, much like an athlete is with his or her team. Officers can hand out the cards at events in their community or any time they think a kid would like to have one. I have also included a video about the importance of community policing along with some rescources for law enforcement.

The police department in Athens, Alabama, has plans to make cards and join the team, while the Police Department in Madison, Alabama, was able to participate as part of my Gold Award project. Now, any police department may join Team Blue Blaze by downloading a template and creating their own trading cards. This website will be available until December 2020.

My brother Eli was a fan of law enforcement, and I hope for people to see law enforcement as he did. Thank you for participating and supporting my project.


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