Thank Yous

Accomplishing my Gold Award with this project would not be possible without the help of the following people. I want to thank them for their patience working with me over these last several months and for their interest in the project.

Melissa Green -- My Girl Scout Leader for 12 years.

Deebe Taylor -- My Girl Scout Gold Award Project Lead Advisor.

Kristie Williams -- My Graphics Design, Web Design, Media, and Writing consultant.

Teresa Taylor-Duncan -- My contact at the Madison Police Department and Community Relations Officer.

Chief David Jernigan - Madison Police Department Chief.

Holly Hollman -- My contact with the city of Athens.

Chief Floyd Johnson -- Athens Police Department Chief.

Cindy Pugh -- Athens Police Department Chief's office.

Mayor Ronnie Marks -- Mayor of Athens who is always supportive.

Athens City Council -- For showing interest in my project.

Kimberly Schroder -- At the DEKKO Foundation for being interested in my project.

Melanie Kolowski -- for photographing the officers for the cards.

Jerry Bryant -- for recording video footage of the project and completing a video.

Katie Smith -- with the North-Central Alabama Girl Scout Regional office Gold Award Committee.